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Pattem Digital: Heralding a new era of new-age product companies.

Pattem Digital

The Indian IT industry is bursting at its seam in search for innovation. India amounted to over 55% share of the $ 185-190 billion US global outsourcing business in FY18. But the numbers don’t reveal the true picture. This $ 185-190 billion outsourcing industry is riddled with startups that are ill-equipped with poor infrastructure, wrong […]

Get My Parking Has A Solution For Your Parking Struggles.

Get My Parking

In India Traffic is increasing rapidly, as population increases the number of vehicles also increase, which will increase the traffic on the roads and there is no place for parking our vehicle. Metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai the parking of the vehicle is the issue in the evenings or weekend times. This is the […]