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Helping Professionals & Organizations to adapt Lean Six Sigma to their DNA

Xergy startup story

It’s a start-up era, where creative thinkers are coming together to bring out a new product or offer a new service. Statistics suggest that 9/10 start-ups fail in the very first year and even existing businesses wrap up over a period of time. Lack of profitability is the principal reason for existing businesses to pull down the curtain.

Profitability is “Selling Price – Expense”, the bulk of the business focuses on the selling price and ignores to optimize their processes & reduce expenses. This was the decisive moment when XergY was incepted with the aim to help the organizations to optimize their processes with the statistically proven tools & techniques of Lean Six Sigma “Lean Six Sigma” is a very powerful & proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness.


XergY inspired by the expression, ExergY of a system is a Bangalore based start-up, promises to provide a one-stop solution for all your Lean Six Sigma requirements.

Started with 5 enthusiastic professionals who show a great amount of passion & desire of taking Lean Six Sigma to the next level & makes it affordable for Small and Medium Enterprises, start-ups, existing core & service-based industries.

Together they carry 75+ years of experience in driving Lean Six Sigma engagements across the globe with some of the most esteemed organizations and have delivered millions of dollars for their respective organizations.

The team is led by Srinivas TV who was heading Business Excellence & Analytics for one of the business division at HPE, prior to the start of XergY, and has also worked with Cognizant, Wipro Consulting & Bosch in the past. During his Cognizant stint, he has managed Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter accounts as Process Excellence leader. Srini is a chess enthusiast, has won a couple of trophies at the state level for BMS college of Engineering.

At Glance:

Company type: Proprietorship.

Founder & CEO: Srinivas.

Investor: Sowmya B V.

How it all started:

While functioning as an independent consultant for various start-ups &SME’s Srinivas &Co realized that Lean Six Sigma can act as a catalyst to start-ups and SME’s to accelerate their growth, but neither start-ups nor SME’s can afford a full-time Lean Six Sigma consultants. The team also sensed the need to develop good Lean Six Sigma professionals across industries.

Assist SME’s to optimize their processes, start-ups streamline the process &commitment to produce best Lean Six Sigma professionals has resulted in the start of XergY.

Xergy Funder Srinivas
Srinivas Founder & CEO Of XergY

Current Offerings


XergY’s Consulting helps the organization to adopt Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

“Invest one rupee on us, we will get you minimum five rupees in returns” was confident Srinivas’s conversation with one of his potential clients over the phone.

Training, Certification& Mentoring:

Accredited to TÜV SÜD, the team focuses on simulation & gamified learning tailored to participants need; participants are further mentored to facilitate their growth.

We got a chance to glance into some of their training material enabled with simulations & Games though there is a significant difference, we believe there is still more work to do.

Recruitment & Placement:

XergY recruit LSS professionals for themselves &for their customer across the globe.

“In next 9-12 months XergY would need 20-25 Lean Six Sigma professionals, all our current employees were trained at XergY and we have trained them well”, says a happy Investor Sowmya.

XergY also develops customized Industry specific Lean Six Sigma training material for industries based on their industry-specific requirements.

Journey so far:

Started in Feb 2018, XergY has completed a couple of batches of training and mentoring their participants &consulting four companies including one of the fastest growing financial company. Also helped a few professionals to find jobs in XergY and in some of the MNC’s

We got a chance to speak to one of their client and an ex-student:

“XergY has been of tremendous help in streamlining most of the processes at Uttar ERP Pvt Ltd by adapting to the best international standards of Lean Six Sigma. Though precisely quantifying the direct benefits of adapting to LSS principles to Uttar ERP Pvt Ltd might take some time, but most other benefits are visible at large”. Says Rajshekar Shetty, Director, Uttar ERP Pvt Ltd

“Combination of simulation & gamification has helped me remember most of the concepts & currently working on a live project and it’s definitely a 360-degree approach by XergY”. Says Ashabhanu (Student from Feb 2018 batch) who has come to XergY to discuss his project

“Lean Six Sigma consulting can become challenging at times due to the complex nature of diverse businesses, with XergY it is a lot easier as I get a chance to interact with 75+ years of wealth, of expertise & each of their expertise comes handy in executing the work” says Hrishikesh Phansalkar, Lead consultant of XergY and one of the members from the first batch of XergY in Feb 2018.


“Most of the start-ups have founders with varied experience, but here all of us come with just Lean Six Sigma knowledge, so it’s taking time for us to put our other operations into place, we need to Accelerate now & we are confident of doing it,” says co-founder Mr. K Bhattacharya.

Way Forward:

“Our vision is crystal clear, we have to start helping more organizations to optimize their processes, train & mentor Lean Six Sigma champions who can lead million-dollar savings, 100 such trained professionals would generate over $ 100 MM savings target,” says Srinivas.

XergY has few consulting assignments in pipeline including one of the leading mobile operators in India and one International assignment.

XergY has to start living up to their own tagline Accelerate Accurately, they are yet to hit the market with a full swing, sooner XergY realizes referral business is limited & they have to knock the doors  outside referral is when XergY will start growing.

While we wish the best to XergY in realizing their vision which is in the greater interest of the nation, we will leave you with Srinivas’s promise to his clients “Invest one rupee on us, we will get you minimum five rupees in returns” worth investing in this young team we would say.

Check Their Website:


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Written by Devender Jadi


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