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SociallyGood: One platform, countless impacts.

Socially good

Non-profits face challenges on many fronts. Fundraising and donations get constrained by physical distances and reach. Managing donations from individuals, corporate companies, governments, and foundations require significant investment in teams and volunteers. Many non-profits with great missions may find it difficult to sustain and grow their operations. High overheads of on ground teams and volunteers make it unviable for them to collect small donations. Finding the right volunteers with the drive and enthusiasm for social work is also a major hindrance.

Digital technologies including mobile, online marketplaces, payment gateways offer new ways of engaging with the donors and volunteers. A single platform that connects non-profits with volunteers, NGOs and donors can boost non-profits’ impact by a large scale. CSRs can also monitor their donations and measure outcomes with a simple click of a button. Online marketplaces are emerging as the panacea for all the challenges non-profits face and SociallyGood is one such marketplace operating out of Bangalore, India.


SociallyGood is founded by Bhaskar Enaganti, an IIT Madras and Indian Institute of Science alumnus. Bhaskar, a serial entrepreneur has built and sold successful enterprise product and services companies including Glomantra, a VPA when AI was in its infancy. Bhaskar and team have envisioned building a high impact IT organization that touches citizens across the world and making a small contribution in making the world a better place to live.

SociallyGood is built as a marketplace that connects Non-Profits, Volunteers, Donors and CSR units of organizations all under one platform.  Non-profits can expand their reach for fundraising, donor and volunteer management without the limitations of the physical spaces they are operating in. SociallyGood facilitates individuals to discover non-profits working in their geographical areas or causes of interest. Individuals could volunteer to different non-profits and effectively manage their social commitments.

SociallyGood also facilitates CSRs of organizations to do their part in social work. It helps them to find non-profits that are aligned with their CSR goals. They will be able to invest in innovative projects and monitor their impact and outcomes simultaneously.

Why SociallyGood

  1.    Connects individuals and companies with non-profits and social service organizations
  2.    Easier volunteer and donor engagements
  3.    Complete visibility of non-profits listed in the marketplace convenient to their location
  4.    Access to information about the non-profits, financials and more
  5.    Easy signup to interact, contribute and engage with non-profit players

Thanks to sociallyGood, people can now contribute to the society in one online platform and easily donate, work and engage with the non-profits of their choice. SociallyGood helps you to be the difference you want to see in the world.

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