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Lincodes,The New Way of Sharing Your Location.

Lincodes startup story

As the economy is growing, the metropolitan cities are expanding at a brisk speed. While cities are expanding finding the exact location is a very strenuous thing.

Many of us used the GPS(Global Positioning System) many times in our life to go someplace it may be village, city or metropolitan city. Even we often use the GPS we can’t get the exact location what we need, so we will take the help of local people to reach our destination.

We are tired of explaining location for the delivery boys even though we shared the live location with them. So to solve this issue Pramod Rathi and Bharat Bagari came up with a solution called as LinCodes which took birth in 2017.

Idea Generation??

In the past times, we use pin codes to reach a place or to send letters. Now we are using the electronic devices and some apps for the tracking or finding the location. Even the application which we are using is not giving the exact result of what we need.

The start-up idea takes born when one of the founders is the owner of the real estate firm and have an own textile business. In the real estate business, they will have their sites and projects which are under construction and some are developed.

Many customers faced an issue while making their way to project sites, they are not founding even with the use of Google maps, some other tracking or locating applications so as to solve the issue the 33-year-old Pramod Rathi and 29-year old co-founder Bharat Bagari came up with an idea of starting the LinCodes.

LinCodes is a well-defined Digital Addressing System for India that can transform Pin Codes in a detailed and convenient manner. Which is started in the year 2017 and the start-up is based in Delhi.

While coming to the founders of the start-up Pramod Rathi owns a textile mill and had Real estate business and Bharat Bagari is an equity researcher and he advises private clients even though he is running a start-up.

Pin Codes to LinCodes ??

The LIN is defined as the “Location Index Number”, which is mainly developed for the reaching the exact location or destination. The Lin Code will use the Google maps as their main reference.

The Lin code is 12 digit number this is randomly generated number like a Passport. This is unique for every place. The start-up is giving well-defined address system by the code. for generating those 12 digit address they start-up divided the whole earth into more than 360 billion squares of10ft x 10ft area and each square has been assigned a unique 12 digit number.

With the use of Lin Codes, we can create a pin for any place it many cities or a remote village and we can share with the people who need of the code. Now we don’t need lengthy address lines and lengthy words to give our address to someone, now we can easily share the 12 digit number then they will reach the location where they want. For this application language and place is not a barrier.

Why LinCodes??

There are some of the things which attract to use this app from the other applications.

Made for Everyone:

Lincodes is can be used by the all the people for their daily usage. They can generate their code according to the area where they located. It is very easy to communicate with the people within themselves. It works more practically when people involved like people-to-people, people-to-device or device-to-people.

Predetermined and Nationwide:

The LinCodes system is fixed, once if the code is generated, we can’t change the code.


There is no rule that every person can have the data connection. Even though we have data connection due to network issues we may lose the internet connection. There is another chance that no network in the remote places. To overcome this issue also the LinCodes works without internet, that is the best future of the start-up, which makes unique from the others.

Calculated Digit System:

Lincodes is given by the start-up based on the logical algorithms. This algorithm calculates based on it allocates every 10ft x10ft square a Unique 12 digit numbers in a way that each adjoining squares get common 11 digits and so on.

Only 12 Digit Numbers beat Long Addresses:

The main use of creating the code in the number format is the numbers can be easily remembered rather than the Names, words, alphanumeric numbers, and the decimal numbers. Now in the current scenario, we use the code for the many things it may be for the card pin, mobile pin or the mobile number which are easy to remember. With the use of the codes, we can communicate easily without any uncertainty.

Who can use it??

The Code can be created and used by anyone who is having the Smartphone; the start-up created the model which can be used by everybody, the main target of the start-up is to right commercial solutions for each and every customer. if we need all the features of the application you need to upgrade to pro by paying the amount.

Lincodes can be created for the house, office, park, restaurant by eliminating the long address book name. The LinCodes mainly helpful when we are in an emergency, the rescue teams can reach exact location without any miss communication. The LinCodes mainly use full for the business like e-commerce, logistics, travel, asset management, and real estate and business which use the location for the delivery of the product.


The start-up is running and developing at a good rhythm, up to December 2017 almost more than 50,000 downloaded the application which is the good sign of the growth. The start-up is gearing with 18% every month to month.

Lincodes helping many companies and government to solve the problems of locating the exact address.The start-up team is giving new features by upgrading them and the features also like they will track what is happening around us, they will create a group for the people who are in the same radius, and even they can chat with each other. For the business Lin codes, they will send the latest offers to the client when they reach near their circle radius.

The Lin Codes is the problem solver for locating an exact address without any miss communication in case of the normal situation or in the emergency also.

Check their website here:

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Written by Devender Jadi


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