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Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur but becoming the entrepreneur is not that much easy, but to succeed is the most strenuous part. Many will have the idea of starting the start-up, but they will not have complete resources even though if they have resources the main problem is finding the mentor to give the guidance towards the success of the start-up.

There are many reasons by which many start-ups are not coming into the limelight, due to lack of facilities what they want. To solve such issues and encourage entrepreneurs, Vishwas Mudagal and Sonia Sharma came together and started the GoodWorks CoWork Company in the year 2017.


The Vishwas Mudagal and Sonia Sharma started a tech start-up in the year 2013 called the GoodWorkLabs. They made their start-up as the best successful tech start-up in the country. Many of the people who are working away from the home they rent a car, a flat and even some time we share clothes, Present generation is going based on the sharing basis. No one is willing to buy something which is usefull for shortperiod.

The Founders of GoodWorks CoWork (Vishwas Mudagal & Sonia Sharma) also faced the problems when they started their first start-up. For the budding start-up, they don’t have proper mentors to guide them on what to choose and what not opt. So to solve this issue and to encourage the entrepreneurs, give them a place where entrepreneurs can find all the facilities under one roof, with the minimal cost that encourages entrepreneurs can come up with new start-up ideas.

When we started off first, it wasn’t easy. We had to build everything from scratch! As a new entrepreneur, you need to wear multiple hats of the sales guy, of the tech guy, of the marketing guy. I wanted to start GoodWorks CoWork to help budding entrepreneurs grow their business without the hassle of sweating about Operations & Support Services. That is our USP – Come and Work and Leave the Rest to Us!” says Vishwas Mudagal, CEO of GoodWorkLabs.

The GoodWorks CoWork is initiative from the tech start-up GoodWorks, which started in the year 2017 to help the entrepreneurs, which is located in the Whitefield, the IT Hub of Bangalore. The founder of the start-up says that you come and work, leave the Rest to us. GoodWorks CoWork is the Work from a premium co-working space and gets access to all resources required to build your dream company.

While coming to the history of the founders Vishwas Mudagal is a tech entrepreneur and the author, currently, he is CEO & Co-Founder of the GoodWorks. While coming to the Sonia Sharma is another Co-founder & MD, she is the tech entrepreneur and worked for many it companies and start-ups.

Building Entrepreneurs:

They started the start-up for helping the entrepreneurs; the Bangalore is the place where many start-ups took birth, which is running at the good phase, helping the people to solve the real time problems.

The entrepreneurs mainly look for the support in the means of the core business such as marketing, accounts, HR, recruitment, technology, design & developing of the websites and for the promotion of the start-ups. The start-up is looking for the entrepreneurs who are mainly concentrating on the product or service and on the business. Every year the start-up is having the plan to invest Rs 20 lakh to 1 Crore, for three start-ups.

Why choose Co-work Space:

There are some benefits to the use of GoodWorks CoWork;

 1.Insanely Fast Internet:

The start-up provides the fast internet without any disturbance, we can sit back do our day to day activities.


There will be a community which helps in communicating with the remaining entrepreneurs in one space.


Once you will join the start-up, there will be a mentor to help you in getting best results from the optimal opportunities.

4.Conference Rooms:

There will be large and spacious rooms for the meetings and for personal use also.

5.Mailbox Service:

The start-up provides safe & secure mailing service for security of the information. It is to send and receive important business documents, cheques, and invoices.

6.Snack Bar:

The start-up space is having the snack bar for the refreshments and for mind relaxation for some only based on the service they selected.

7.Printing and Scanning:

No need of going out of the office or other places for printing and scanning of the documents.

8.HR & Operations Support:

They help in the recruitment of the employees and no need of looking out for the employees, we can find within the co-work space only.

9.Technology Consulting:

The start-up provides information regarding which technology to choose and on which platform we need to work.

10.UI & UX Design Consultation:

The Co-Working helpful in the design and developing of the website which is related to start-ups.

11.Group Events:

The start-up is helping in making events which is helpful to grow together.


Round the clock camera surveillance for better security and immunity to loss of items.

How they fund the entrepreneurs:

The start-up listens to their demonstration of the entrepreneurs who are looking to start of the business. The main criteria to select the start-up for funding are the idea should solve the real problem in the society, which will help for the growth of the country’s economy. After selection, the start-ups will get mentors over some period of time.

The GoodWorks Co Works is mainly concentrating on the design and technology start-ups. They are encouraging small business and people to start the business, the start-up not only provides the platform for the development of one person, it is the place where we can grow by working together by sharing the knowledge.


The GoodWorks Co Works provides three types of services based on the pricing; they are
Virtual Office:
It is basic pricing plan which gives the basic facilities in the workspace; they are
1.Dedicated mailing address.
2.Professional calls answering & forwarding services.
3.24*7 accesses to your voicemails.
4.Book a conference room for client meetings.

Dedicated Desks:

Which are only dedicated for some of the entrepreneurs based on the how much they pay for space; these are facilities given for the dedicated desks
1.High-Speed Internet.
2.Individual Desk & Chair.
3.Networking and Community building.
4.Unlimited Snack bar & Hot Beverage.
5.Mentorship & Training programs.

Private Office:

This is premium pricing offered by the company, which offers following facilities;
1.High-Speed Internet.
2.Private cabin with desks & chairs.
3.Networking and Community Building.
4.Unlimited Snack bar & Hot beverages.
5.Mentorship & Training programs.
6.Access to conference rooms for team meetings.

Growth & Future Plans:

The Start-up currently running in the Whitefield, Bangalore. It is planning to expand its business plans in the Kolkata, also locating some other co-work places in the Bangalore only.
They are hoping to expand their co-working space all over the country.

GoodWorks Co Works is the number one co-working space in the Bangalore, ranked by the in 2018. They are planning to invest their profits in the new start-ups which are solving real-time problems. Founders decide to turn angels with 20 Lakhs – 1 Cr initial investment.

If you have an idea which is making the real difference for the society, want to become an entrepreneur and work for your passion then you are at the right place. We give you the platform and resources by which you can fulfill your dream to become an entrepreneur.

Check Their Website Here:

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Written by Devender Jadi


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