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Flintobox Helps Parents To Engage Children at Home Better.

Flintobox startup story

The present generation is running after the money and they are not having enough time to look after their kids, and not spending a good time with the kids. Due to the busy work schedule of the parents, they don’t have time to take their kids to the playground or they don’t have proper time to spend with them due to this kids are addicted to the television, computers, mobile phones, and tablets which are affecting the minds of the kids.

With the excess use of the electronic devices, kids are losing their innovation and creative skills. Parents also don’t want their children addicted to the electronic devices but they want to engage their children into meaningful and purposeful activities so they are sending their children to play schools even though some are not satisfied with the play schools. 

To overcome this situation Arunprasad Durairaj, Vijaybabu Gandhi, and Shreenidhi Srirangam came up with the great idea of flintobox which will be helpful for the kids, which is based on Chennai in the year 2013.

How the Idea became reality??

The current problem in the present generation is they are busy with their daily schedules and they want their children to excel in their studies. Parents trying the best way for their children to nurture his kid’s creativity and curiosity. Vijaybabu Gandhi is one of the founders of the start-up faced with the 5-year-old kid he is more unconscionable time with the movies and mobiles.

So he stressed out what he can do, for the distraction of his kid mind from TV and mobiles, and he wants to create some product which can be used to increase the kids’ creativity by meaning full activities. So he planned for the product which can engage the kid in doing the new activities which will give the activeness, creativity which would make the kids distant from the tv and mobile in the home.

He shared his idea with the other two members Arunprasad Durairaj and  Shreenidhi Srirangam who are also founders of the start-up, came up with an idea of starting a product called Flintobox which is based on the Chennai, in the year 2013. The main idea behind the product is, it is loaded with play-based activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way.

What is flintobox?

Flintobox is an educational activity box for children which will be based on a theme. In every theme, it has 3–4 activities per month and a book. The activities can be used more than once and sometimes it is good enough to engage more than one child.

 All activities come with an instruction chart, If that still does not seem to be clear, you can view the activities on their site. Each activity is described with the help of a video. These activities usually are based on a theme like transport, plants, animals mathematics, rainbow colors, a game, a crafting/ coloring activity with good items and one will be the storybook with super nice characters like Bobo, Mia, Benji, and Flinto. With a new theme every month, this research-based box is crafted by Montessori experts and child psychologists and caters to the 12 developmental areas of a child.

Flintobox Startup story
Founders Of FlintoBox

For whom Flintobox will be helpful??

Flintobox is categorized into different age groups, and all the activities are age-appropriate.

They are

  1. Toddlers (2-3 years):

     Toddlers are kids who are in the age of 2-3 years old; for this age group, they will give 3-5 activities every month. Each box designed for the different themes it may be transport, animals, and plants. Every month they come up with new themes and activities, in the coming up months they are giving the following themes

  • July = House explorer.
  • August = Fun in farm.
  • September = Amazing animals.
  • October = Marvellous Machines.
  1. Preschoolers (3-4 years):

 The kids who are going for the play schools come under this zone. Same as for the Toddlers they will provide the activities. The themes used in this zone are colors, nature, animals, birds, etc.

In this zone also Flintobox coming up with new themes every month

  • July = Little Architect.
  • August = Little Farmer.
  • September = Jungle adventure.
  • October = Little Mechanic.
  1. 4-8 Years Old:

      This zone kid’s get the same number of activities will get like the above. For every stage, Flintobox will give new themes for the development of kids mind as space, mathematics, travel, colors, science, etc. The upcoming themes for the this zone

  • July = Sports Mania.
  • August = The Little Scientist.
  • September = The Little Musician.
  • October = Healthy Little Champ.
  1. 8-12 years Old:

In this zone, Flintobox will 3-4 activities which are based on the exciting science concept such as magnetism, electricity, optics, etc. with the help of these tasks the child can focus on his work for hours, which is the best thing for any child. They upcoming boxes

  • July = Everyday Science.
  • August = Glowing chemistry.
  • September = Fantastic Force.
  • October = Incredible optics.

Each and every box is with different themes, the theme which is delivered to the customer once it is not delivered to the same customer again.

The start-up is giving the best options to the customers by giving the different type of package subscription.

  • 3-Months.
  • 6-Months.
  • 9-Months.

Why we should go for flintobox??

  1. kid-friendly:                                                             

Materials that have been used for creating the activities are kid-friendly. No sharp edges at all and the including of a messy mat. No mopping and cleaning the floor after the activities.

  1. Cures the TV addiction:

The child will take a break from television for at least 3-4 hours in a day. Flintobox will be a rescue for their boredom!

  1. Actionable:

Activities with the animal cut outs where the kids had to spend time painting and getting the figurines ready. Children who are not the artistic types, but they love animals! So this activity was something which they love.

  1. Enhancing knowledge:

Each month, the box has a different theme that helps the children learn more about different things. This is a very important factor as it allows your child to know more about different things.

  1. Uniqueness:

      Not just the activities, but each of the boxes is unique as well. Each of the activities has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the particular age level. Not just that, the activities also mention the skill sets that a child can develop with the activities.


The start-up is giving its best performance since the start of its journey. It has bagged many awards from the various organizations, in the different years,

  • Winner of the ” Coolest start-up ” for the year 2014 by Business Today, as well as the ” Best Education Start-up ” by Confederation of Indian Industries.
  • Winner of the “Best subscription” for the year 2015, as well as “Best Indian Start-up “.

The Start-up really impacting on three things which is good for the kids and parents,

  1. Drive kids away from TV and mobile:

The start-up is getting good feedback from the parents that they are getting good results by using the kits, and 50% of the time they are using in meaningful activities. Parent Edge magazine also survived about the start-up they also found the same thing.

  1. Bonding With Parents:

The Start-up did a wonderful job that is making both kids and parents so happy because they bondage between the parents and kids are improved rapidly. Parents daily spending quality 15-20 minutes with their kids.

  1. Increasing the creativity in the kids:

The kids are diverted from the T.V and Mobiles and using the same time in learning new things by using the flintobox. They are doing some creative things and even they are sitting for long hours to work.

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Written by Devender Jadi


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