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From the time immemorial there is saying in Telugu that “ArogyameMahaBhagyam”. The health relevance not changed even now from the olden days of our fathers and grandfathers. In the current scenario, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the five elements of nature are getting polluted due to which the health conditions of the people are becoming to worst.

To solve the medical issues people are spending their sweat and blood, on an average each person spending half of the savings on the medical expenses only. After spending a lot of money, the patients unable to get the best treatment or at least good. Patients are going to multiple doctors for their treatment, and they are not aware of which hospitals are providing the right treatment.

They are confused about selecting the correct hospital for their treatment, surgeries and, the next reason is the hospitals pooling out money from pockets of patients. The couple who are professionally doctors saw this problem and to resolve this issue they came up with a solution to start Caremotto, which is the guide & benefit for the patients and family who are looking for the fixed budget treatment.

How the idea generated:

The couple who are professional doctors and one among them who is working in the NIMS as the surgeon, he was working as the doctor for a long time so heard many stories related to finding the right doctor, right hospital under the budget which patients can pay as per their financial status and lack of confidence. Most of the Patients go to different doctors for the second opinion before going for the surgery or the treatment.

Even the patients are educated they don’t have the exact idea for choosing the best hospital and doctor. Dr.Niranjan Ravuri very deliberate to help the patients to overcome this problem, so he shared his idea with his better half Dr.Niveditha Ravuri, she welcomed the idea and they started their start-up Caremotto in the year 2016. Which is the Hyderabad based. Caremotto is the companion for the patients at the fingerprints.


Caremotto is India’s First dedicated portal for the patients, where patients can get the best treatment under the fixed price based on their choice. The start-up helps the patients to make their surgeries are at affordable prices. The Caremotto helps the patients and family to make decisions without confusing and not going to window shopping to the hospitals, regarding the treatment and make themselves ready for the surgery also.

The main aim of the start-up is to provide affordable healthcare to each and every person in the country. The Caremotto wants to bring the transparency in the healthcare industry it may be private or government hospital. Almost 65% of the patients are not going to surgeries because of the prices, so to help them and the founder thinks that the treatment should reach to every patient and, all want to be healthy.

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Why Caremotto:

The start-up which offers the best value things, which makes the Caremotto is unique from others, they are:

1) The best hospitals:

The start-up selects top hospitals, based on the List of doctors, support staff, infrastructure, hygiene and, no of specialization the hospital provides.

2) Finds the right doctor:

The start-up selects the doctors based on their qualification, experience.

3) Competitive pricing:

If the patient’s requests for any treatments, the panel will check for the best options of all, like the doctor, hospital-based on your budget and expectations.

4) Medical Second Opinion:

I think every person who is going under surgery, look for the second opinion again that is a burden for the patients and family. So, to help the family and patients, the start-up will suggest the best hospital.


Caremotto provides the five services to the people.


The start-up is offering almost 30 surgeries & treatment, in various departments.


The start-up is helping the poor with the crowdfunding, by which the start-up making the surgeries for the patients who are unable to pay the money. The start-up partnered successfully with Milaap, ImpactGuru, and Ketto to raise funds for various cases that were life-threatening

Another 3 services by the start-up, which are going to join the services list:

  • Medical investigation.
  • Medical loan.
  • Health insurance.

Growth and Future plans:

The start-up which started in the year 2016, in the initial stage the inquiries made by the patients are 16,365, consulted people 593, 49 people went for the surgeries, with the help of the Caremotto. There is a rapid growth in the usage of Caremotto in 2017 when compared to the previous year, 2,64,070 inquiries, consultation 4367 and 960 surgeries. The start-up tied up with 90 hospitals, its offering 500 plus surgical procedures and treatments based on the patients choice & budget.

The team size of the company is the 30 people who are well trained, in that 18 members are Care advisors. The start-up started its operations in Hyderabad then moved to some major cities of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

The future plan of the start-up is adding new procedures like cancer surgeries, brain surgeries, and heart surgeries in the budget of the patients. The services are extending to Chennai as well.

The main aim of the Caremotto is to give the affordable health care to every patient.

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