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Startupsindia.in is a great way to leverage the stories of upcoming startups or startups who have made a difference. It is a cool way to connect startups with each other through the stories.

kaffeinated konversations founder

Kavitha Singh

Founder of Kaffeinated Konversations

Startupsindia is a great platform to look what people are doing and get inspired from them and for people like me , it is always  overwhelming to share our experiences with our younger generations.Just keep doing what you are doing with all your heart and soul. Time will come when you will be on the top.

Kacy World Founder

Komal Mittal

KacyWorld Founder

I think Startups India is doing a great job of broadcasting inspirational stories of budding startups which otherwise goes unnoticed. We wish you all the best from Pickyourtrail. Continue to share more such stories. More power to you!


Hari Ganapathy, Srinath Shankar

Founders of Pickyourtrail

Well the questioner is definitely fresh. I have given a couple of interviews before and most of them follow the same set of the questioner and there was never a new question for me. But here at Startupsindia, I can see that you guys have come up with all very different questions. Now at least people would get to read something new in my interview.

Rohit Gupta Campus Karma

Rohit Gupta

Founder of Campus Karma

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