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4 Top Trending and Low-Budget Business Ideas

Most of us work 8 hours every day in a workplace that doesn’t inspire us anymore. But because of the responsibilities and the high investment costs in setting up a business, we end up settling for the life we currently have. But you need to realize that your dream of becoming your own boss is […] More

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BelWether Group: One-stop contact for all your Online Business needs.

Founded in 2018, BelWether Group is a multi-industry company with a very unique business model. Headquartered in Mumbai, they are a one-stop contact for providing a diverse range of professionally managed services to their clients and partners with website designing, logo designing, digital marketing, and expat relocation and immigration services. They strive to become one […] More

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Bengaluru-based RootsTravelApp flexing its ML muscles to connect Travel & Hospitality

That 70-year-old hidden Blue Library in the hills of Gokarna is “real”. The sea-food at the Halfway Home is “delicious”. For just 500 ₹ per night, the cottage-on-the-beach is “amazing”. Adrian, a 48-year-old Canadian citizen, now traveling the world, wouldn’t change anything about his 4-month stay, few steps away from a serene Main Beach, Gokarna.His […] More

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