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Why People Love Nobroker Rental Service (And You Should, Too!).


India is the developing country in the process the number of cities are increasing all over the country, leading to urbanization. Due to the rapid growth of the cities, leaving expenses are high. If you want to live anywhere you should have your own house or rented house. In the cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, finding […]

Gigadocs –How an angel funded start-up is documenting a new treatise in stopping prescription fraud-criminal currency


The Need “The remedy may be worse than the disease”-Romanian proverb holds so true for a number of agencies that factor into a typical medical treatment pipeline. Imagine a chronic patient who cannot visit the doctor for treatment or even manage to get to the medical shop down the alley, imagine stuck in queues at […]

The startup Docturnal is helping India to Unitedly End the TB by 2025.


Everyone in the world is looking for good health, but some diseases which are attacking the people, causing maximum deaths among them one is Tuberculosis(TB). India is affecting most from Tuberculosis. According to the report published by the Central TB Division in the year 2017, Directorate General of Health Services more than 14 lakh people […]

How a Geotechnical engineer turned into baker.

Digitalization which making the great impact the way of marketing done through the Electronic mode called E-Commerce. E-Commerce which is the trending word currently on the market. Everyone wants to take the fruits of the E-commerce, by grabbing the chance. In the recent report by the Indian Institute of E-Commerce stated that the country is […]

How a 19 year old is taking the Indian fintech sector by storm.

Savart Founder

Mutual fund investments are the in-thing right now. Almost every individual looking to plan their financial future is in some sort of contact with mutual funds. It comes with good reason too, as this investment instrument is rich in returns. When it comes to beginner investors, however, mutual fund investments can be tricky, requiring infinite […]

RyMM Education-Connecting unheeded dots in education space on international platform.


Startup: At RyMM Education we work with schools and universities to help them manage their business while providing them a collaboration platform for better communication between all parties of the campus. Being operated in 210 schools and 25 Universities RyMM is having its operations in 4 different countries Singapore, India, Chile, and Switzerland. An interesting […]

SociallyGood: One platform, countless impacts.

Socially good

Non-profits face challenges on many fronts. Fundraising and donations get constrained by physical distances and reach. Managing donations from individuals, corporate companies, governments, and foundations require significant investment in teams and volunteers. Many non-profits with great missions may find it difficult to sustain and grow their operations. High overheads of on ground teams and volunteers […]