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From Rupees 30,000 To 100Cr,The Journey Of Food Startup WOW!Momo

Wow!Momo Story

“When You Make Well You will Share well this is success secret for any business say’s Sagar Daryani co-founder Kolkata Based food startup Wow!Momo. Wow!Momo is a chain of fast food restaurants headquartered in Kolkata, specializing in Momos, started by Binod Homagai, and Sagar Daryani in 2008. I always passionate by brands and I would […]

All You Need To Know About The Food Startup Samosa Singh.


Every region in our country has its own specialties, But you will find Samosa in any part of India  In India, Every person knows about the samosa it is Indians one of the top snacks which will be used daily. We can find samosa every corner of the country but on the streets, there was […]

How To Start A Startup From Scratch In 2018.

How To Start A Startup From Scratch.

Every Entrepreneur wants makes their startup story as branded like Amazon and facebook..etc.But they didn’t get their name easily they struggled a lot and finally overcome their problems and now they are most successful entrepreneurs. You want to make your startup more successful having a good idea is not enough you need to work hard. […]

Get My Parking Has A Solution For Your Parking Struggles.

Get My Parking

In India Traffic is increasing rapidly, as population increases the number of vehicles also increase, which will increase the traffic on the roads and there is no place for parking our vehicle. Metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai the parking of the vehicle is the issue in the evenings or weekend times. This is the […]

The Story Of Self Drive Car Rentals Startup Drivezy.


The World is planning for traveling to Mars but whereas Traveling in a car is still dream of common people in India.Moreover, a car in the Indian society is often seen as a status symbol and a prized possession as for most ‘it is a luxury more than a utility’. But most of the Indian […]

AskArvi: India’s First Smart Insurance assistant.


Insurance is most important in the human life as it gives the financial stability, for our financial planning we reach to the financial advisors, agents, family and friends who are having knowledge on financial planning/Insurances, even though we are not satisfied and still in confusion what to do, which policy or advice to be followed […]

Say Hello To Health Care Startup Call Health

call health

Health is Wealth, as our older people say’s Health is the most important thing in our life; everyone needs medical services for better health. In Today’s busy Life every person can’t go to the hospital due to many reasons may be they are old, maybe they don’t have time to go to the hospital for […]

The Story Of Food Startup Swiggy That Changed The Way A Country Eats.

Swiggy Food Startup

In the major cities of the country many techies are working till late night in the offices and coming back to home preparing the food is the main problem, even if they want home delivery they need to order minimum amount should be fulfilled to deliver the food, often some restaurants will not provide home […]

The success story of MakeMyTrip founder Deep Karla,India’s top most travelling guide for the people.


When we Plan for a tour we go through internet for booking of flights and hotels because everyone has internet connection and Smartphone’s but in the year 2000 we don’t have that much technology and websites to search for tourist places, book flights and Hotels, to resolve  this Problem and to help people Deep Karla […]

With 500 stores in small towns Linq Store is helping people shop from amazon

linq store

In Today’s life, online shopping is very familiar, and It is part of our lives in urban areas.Whereas the most people coming from rural areas are not interested in online shopping due to challenges such as lack of exposure of trends online, lack of ability to use smart phones, and no trust on online products. […]