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Kaffeinated Konversations is a creating a culture of social space by engaging readers, writers and artists.

kaffeinated konversations founder

Startup Name: Kaffeinated Konversations Founder: Kavita Singh Website: Hi, can you give a brief about yourself? I am Kavita Singh. I am Founder of Kaffeinated Konversations ( I spearhead the Indore Chapter of eChai ( – an ecosystem enabler for startups, entrepreneurs, funding bodies and institutes. I have been in the field of Education for […]

Utsav and Satyam Left Their MNC Jobs to Make Their State Better in IT.

Utesh Founders

Startup Name: Utesh technologies Start Year: 2012 Founders: Utsav Anand and Satyam Anand Head Quarters: Bihar. Hi Utsav, welcome to startupsindia. It’s our great honor to have you here. Hi Dev, Thank you for inviting. Utsav let us Start our discussion. Yes of course. Utsav, What are the reasons which motivated you to start the […]

Krosswork: Start-up That Turns Pubs& Cafes into Co-working Spaces.

krosswork founders

Startup Name: Krosswork Founders: Goverdhan, Srinivas Jayaram. What are the reasons which motivated you to start the company? ‘Free WiFi’ has now become a must-have for every restaurant, cafe, airport, shopping mall, and even office. To log in, you need a password that is provided by the institutions themselves. Now, in some cases you need […]

“Life is what you make it” say’s KacyWorld Founder Komal Mittal.

Kacy World Founder

Startup Name : Kacyworld Founder Name : Komal Mittal Website: Hi, can you give a brief about yourself? Hi , My name is Komal Mittal , i am a software engineer by qualification and a vivid entrepreneur by heart. Being a business woman has been my dream when i was a 7 yr old […]

SpeedForce startup solving problems of 2wheelers service.


Startup Name: SpeedForce ( Founders: Deepen Barai, Kapil Bhindi, and Mohan M.Vaidya. Hi Deepen, Thank you for coming and joining with us for the interview. Hi Dev, Thank you. It’s our pleasure. Let’s move into the discussion. Yeah sure, what made you to start speedforce and what problem does it solve? I was working with […]

The Strees on A Winning Spree .


Hi folks, greetings of the day. We are back with another startup success story of two women entrepreneurs. Startup Name: WinningStree ( Founded year: August 2018  Founder Name: Megha Katira Patni, Tanusri Chakraborty  Hi Megha, thank you for accepting invitation from our end. Hi Dev, You are welcome, thank you startupsindia for inviting me for […]

Rhymly is the first Hindi rhyming app and search engine, for writing the rhymes.


Hi, folks, I think all are doing great. Today StartupsIndia is with founders of Rhymly, let us find their journey. Company Name: Founders: Arpan Khosla, Vishal Kalra, and Aakansha Aggarwal. Founded: 2018 Hi Arpan, this is Dev. Thanks for accepting our invitation and joining with us. Hi Dev. Thank you. Let’s start our talk […]

International Vacations are now made easy with Pickyourtrail.


Hi, This is DevJ with Hari Ganapathy co-founder of pickyourtrail . Startup Name: pickyourtrail Industry: Tourism Founders: Hari Ganapathy, Srinath Shankar. Hi Hari Good morning, Let us start our interview? Hi Dev Very good morning, yes sure we can. Why pickyourtrail? Can we know the reasons to start? I (Hari) & Srinath were motivated by […]

BEFACH 4x startup is solving Hard Water Problems with affordable price.

Dcal Founders

Water is one of the natural elements among the five, most important for our survival. The water availability and the softness will differ from place to place. In the country, the majority of what we use is hard water, in metropolitan cities, it is even higher. Hard water means the water having high amount of […]