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Bioinnovators making revolution in blood testing by innovation.

Hednxt winner

Usually People check their blood group by the slide method, in which the person is pricked in the finger and a drop of blood is taken on the slide, then a particular amount of anti-sera is to add to detect the blood group. But unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. To overcome all these problems This […]

“Age is no barrier when it comes to travel” Say’s 13 years old travel blogger Rainna Goel.

Rainna Goel

At the age of 13 most childrens spent time on playing games and watching cartoons. But Rainna Goel at age of 13 she started a travel blog and gained a lot of followers through her blog, StartupsIndia recently interviewed her about  her Blogging journey. Hi Rainna Goel, can you give a brief about yourself ? […]

Flarow – AI based Free Apartment Management Software for Gated Communities and Housing Societies in India.

Flarow Startup team

Startup Name: Flarow ( Founders: Anamik Adhikary, Saket Mayank, Pughalveni, Sivaraman Sethu, Vinay Upadhyay. Founding year: 2018 Hi Anamik, welcome to startupsindia Hi Dev, Thank you. It’s time for discussion to begin. Hi Anamik, can you give a brief about yourself? Hello. I am Anamik Adhikary. I did my B.Tech in Information Technology and then […]

Here Is A Method of Helping Innovation Through Collaboration.


Startup Name – Raletta Coworking ( Founders – Navrajvir Singh (24) and Ishan Mishra (28) Year of Establishment – April 2017 Location – Indore (M.P.) What it does –Coworking Space Strategies For Beginners or entrepreneurs Sector – Coworking, Space provider Introduction about coworking spaces In the past few years, the trend of Coworking has […]

Driven by passion, taught by journalism. These two entrepreneurs are bridging the gap between startups and media.

Vconnect Media

Startup Name: Vconnect Media ( Founders: Megha Gajbhiye and Shilpa Bhowmick. Founded year: April 2018. Let’s start our discussion with the founder of the VConnect Hi Megha, can you give a brief about yourself? Hi, we are a media startup where we provide branding solutions to startups and also we have a magazine which is […]

Helping Businesses to Achieve Operational Excellence, Young Entrepreneurs from Indore Introducing a Revolutionary Software Suit- Merrchant.

Merrchant Founders

Startup Name – Merrchant ( Founders – Navrajvir Singh (24) and Ishan Mishra (28) Year of Establishment – April 2017 Location – Indore (M.P.) What it does – Streamlines various business activities including Accounting Sector – IT Software, SaaS Product Funding – Bootstrapped A discussion over a cup of coffee leading to entrepreneurship is a […]

DBEL Studio enhancing the quality of a space through exclusive Lighting.

dbel studio founder

Startup Name : DBEL Studio. Founder Name: Ms.Dillraj Bhatia. Start year: 2017 Website: What are the reasons, which motivated you to start the startup? I am an architect by qualification. While pursuing architecture, I realized that lighting is the highlight of any interiors. But, unfortunately, many saw it as an afterthought. And, I wanted to change that […]

Eduflick assisting students to prepare for boards and competitive examinations in a better way.


The Bhubaneswar-based company has claimed to have a presence of in 8+ cities viz. Kolkata, Ranchi, Bangalore, Vellore, Durgapur, Bhubaneswar, Behrampur, Pune since its inception in March 2017. Founder & CEO: Rahul Anand Company: EduFlick Website: 1) How did you get your idea for this business? In late 2015, I realized that there is […]

Sidharth went from flunking in a subject to building a highly profitable company.


Sidharth Jain, the founder of Graffersid, is on a mission to improve the startup success rate. Current startup success rate stands at less than 10% while the success rate of his clients is at 85% one of the highest in the industry. Graffersid is a website and mobile application development company based out of Indore, […]