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The Journey of Soham Web Solutions from Institution to an It-Company.

Soham Web Solutions founder

Startup Name: Soham Websolutions. Founder Name: Neeraj Malakar. 1.What is the Name of Your Venture? Any specific reason for this name? Soham Web Solution And the meaning of Soham is identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality. And in my family, our businesses we referred to Soham as Business Name 2. Who is your […]

World’s First Social Media Advocates Driven Marketing Platform-SOMO App.

Somo App

Is Digital Marketing really worth spending? Every brand owns a digital space in today’s time as digital marketing benefits businesses of all sizes by giving access to the mass market in a very cost-effective & measurable way. According to IAMAI Report, ” The growth in spends on Digital Advertising is expected to continue at a […]

After 2 suicides attempts, I learned how to be happy and joyful as I am today.Say’s Travelontip founder.


Startup Name: TravelonTip Industry: Travelling & Tourism. Founder: Shahwar Hasan.  Hi, can you give a brief about yourself? Hello Buddy, I am Shahwar Hasan, and people call me Haasan. I also set a new world record by making the Largest Cultural Trip to promote unity in Diversity. More than 1700 people from 10 different countries […]

Start Ups – Step Up your Game with CX Strategy!

CX Strategy

Startup Ecosystem can be very complex and difficult to sustain if not aided with the right kind of support. There are challenges manifold that one could face on an entrepreneurial journey.  Today customers are aware of the options and choices they have in the market and very clear of what they expect from the products […]

HealthifyMe mobile based app providing solutions for fitness and nutrition by RIA ( AI tool).


Startup Name: HealthifyMe Start Year: 2012 Founders: Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian, and Sachin Shenoy. Website: In the whole universe, human creatures are most intelligent when compared to all, and it is the best creation of nature as of now. The human body is a machine which runs with an intellectual brain, and efficient engine. […]

Driveu first driver aggregator app is providing drivers on hourly basis.


StartupName: DriveU Start Year: 2015 Founders: Ramprasad Shastry, Ashok Shastry, and Amulmeet Singh Chadh. Startups will take birth by solving real-time problems in society. There are many startups up to now which made their mark in the startup ecosystem. In metropolitan cities daily we came across with a lot of traffic, by this driving became […]

India biggest tech community by GirlScript redefining tech education for tier-2 &3 cities.

Girlscript team

Simple Google search for the Top Tech Coders highlights the fact that there are only two female names up in the top 7, and Time Magazine shares the list of Most Influential People in Tech, has 4-5 women of the 20 names. The tech trades have seems to be attracted to fewer women even in […]

E-trio Hyderabad based startup down turning the pollution in the country with Electric vehicles.


Startup Name: E-Trio Industry: Automobile. Founder: Sathya Yalamanchili India one of the largest countries in the world facing major issue with air pollution which is becoming worse day by the bay. Air is the primary thing every human being. The WHO (World health organization) released a list where 11 cities in the top are from […]

I Believes Investment starts from a set goal and objective say’s Founder and CEO


Investors have a primary motivation to grow wealth to achieve a goal or range of goals. If staying in cash on deposit falls short of their investment goals, often referred to as a funding gap, they will ultimately realize that they need to invest their money instead. First, they need to decide what they should […] is an open source education platform and it helps students to get free access to content.

Education is the primary thing in our  life but, everyone can not afford. is an open source education platform which is connecting the tutors and students and helping students to get free access to content. Startup Name: Founder: Kunal Kapoor, Sahil Kapoor Industry: Education Website Hi Kunal, what are the reasons which motivated […]