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Startupwala For Quick and Affordable Online Legal Services.


In this is start-up era most young people are excited about starting their new start-up and since we have a lot of sources about how to start a start-up. If you have the great idea and skills it’s easy to start a start-up but whereas getting registration for your start-up it’s not an easy thing […]

Top 6 Reasons To Failure Your Startup.

Top 6 reasons to failure your startup

There is one line that say’s “failure is the key to success” which hangs on the walls of every entrepreneur cabin, to motivate and encourage themselves to work harder for their dream company. For every entrepreneur, failure is considered to be a great lesson. No one starts a Startup to face the failure Everyone wants […]

Helping Professionals & Organizations to adapt Lean Six Sigma to their DNA

Xergy startup story

It’s a start-up era, where creative thinkers are coming together to bring out a new product or offer a new service. Statistics suggest that 9/10 start-ups fail in the very first year and even existing businesses wrap up over a period of time. Lack of profitability is the principal reason for existing businesses to pull […]


Goodwork cowork

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur but becoming the entrepreneur is not that much easy, but to succeed is the most strenuous part. Many will have the idea of starting the start-up, but they will not have complete resources even though if they have resources the main problem is finding the mentor to give the […]

Lincodes,The New Way of Sharing Your Location.

Lincodes startup story

As the economy is growing, the metropolitan cities are expanding at a brisk speed. While cities are expanding finding the exact location is a very strenuous thing. Many of us used the GPS(Global Positioning System) many times in our life to go someplace it may be village, city or metropolitan city. Even we often use […]

Flintobox Helps Parents To Engage Children at Home Better.

Flintobox startup story

The present generation is running after the money and they are not having enough time to look after their kids, and not spending a good time with the kids. Due to the busy work schedule of the parents, they don’t have time to take their kids to the playground or they don’t have proper time […]

4 Factors To Consider When You Are Planning To Buy a Startup.

Factors to consider before buying a startup.

If you are an Entrepreneur or a Business Person and you are planning to take over any startup, Then you must follow These 4 factors. Competitive conditions, technological advances, and globalization have all contributed to a growth in business thinking from build-to-grow to buy-to-grow. It’s not just big tech companies that have developed an acquisition […]

Looking For a Loan For Your Startup, Try Cash Suvidha.

Cash Suvidha

Start-ups are one of the most important sectors that contribute to the growth of the Indian economy. If you have an idea of starting start-up or business you need working capital which is the most important aspect, but getting the capital is the major struggle in the country. There will be many challenging factors like […]

WashApp is re-defining the way you do laundry.


With a rapidly growing population in Hyderabad, working professionals and couples are increasingly looking for on-demand services to their daily needs, and laundry is definitely one of the activities topping their ‘to-do’ work list on weekends. To Overcome this situation Dheeraj and Vinil Chandra Ranga Started Startup Called WashApp. How WashApp Star­ted? “I used to […]

PeeBuddy helps Indian Women to stand and pee by avoiding dirty toilets.

PeeBuddy Startup Story

Women have faced a constant roadblock when it came to outdoor activities, simply due to dirty public toilets, or even the lack of them. Hiking, camping or long journeys many women often face problems with such outdoor activities. This actually causes a lot of problems for women. For one, using an unsanitary toilet may cause […]