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Instagram co-founders Systrom and Mike Krieger resigned from the company.


Instagram is the most trending social media platform it reached every corner of the world. The big blow for the company that co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger resigned from the company today morning; they may leave the company very soon. Instagram created for the sharing of photos, which is the user-friendly application. Instagram founded […]

Two Start-ups from Bangalore Attending 1st Well-Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan In Tokyo On 9th October

Well-Aging Society Summit

Japan is very passionate towards technology as the growth in the population, and they want to explore in the field of innovations. Japan is looking for help from India to develop their startup culture, they mainly seeking experts from IT startups. The Japanese will depend on other countries for raw material for manufacturing. In Japan […]

Obopay Payment solutions firm acquires Mubble based out in Bangalore.


The Another acquisition happened in the field of technology which is a good sign of the development, that is between the consumer technology Mubble startup and Obopay which is the Fintech company. The amount yet to be disclosed by both companies. Mubble is the consumer technology-based startup which is taken birth in the year 2013. […]

Lufthansa India And Delhi-NCR TiE StartupExpo #3 Coming Up On October 6 In Delhi.


In this entrepreneur’s era everyone wants to start a startup but its not easy as what we think, to start a startup we need an idea and planning and most important we need investment but it’s not possible to find investors easily this is the main snag for entrepreneurs, to avoid that some companies conducting […]

PuREnergy startup introducing its commercial lithium batteries at renewable energy India expo 2018


Renewable energy which is going to rule in the coming up years, there is a solid reason for that as the population increasing vastly in the world, so we need energy as the non-renewable is not sufficient. All are looking into renewable energy, so the government also encouraging the startups which come with innovative ideas […]

India’s biggest Startup incubator coming up in Lucknow

India's biggest Startup incubator coming up in Lucknow

The UP government is setting up a startup incubator in the Lucknow, which is the country biggest incubator. The main aim of the startup incubator is to provide a startup ecosystem which will provide mentors, investors, and marketing management solutions.The expected worth of the project is going around Rupees 10 Billion. The reason behind the […]

Villgro iPitch 2018 is investing Rupees 3 crores in startups that impact the lives of the poor.

Villgro Ipitch

India is the country for the opportunities, for a long time India is a developing country. There are some reasons which are making the country to be still developing they are lack of proper education, unemployment, and affordable health care to the people, corruption based on the research done. So we need solutions for the […]

The StartupIndia Telangana yatra for Tier 2/3 cities coming up on 15 September-5 October 2018.

StartupIndia Yatra

India is the country which is developing, in a faster way in all aspects mainly in the innovation sector, many are coming up with new ideas and converting them into the best startup. But many people can’t start their project because of funding, and they don’t have an exact idea how to start whom to […]

The startup Docturnal is helping India to Unitedly End the TB by 2025.


Everyone in the world is looking for good health, but some diseases which are attacking the people, causing maximum deaths among them one is Tuberculosis(TB). India is affecting most from Tuberculosis. According to the report published by the Central TB Division in the year 2017, Directorate General of Health Services more than 14 lakh people […]

SociallyGood: One platform, countless impacts.

Socially good

Non-profits face challenges on many fronts. Fundraising and donations get constrained by physical distances and reach. Managing donations from individuals, corporate companies, governments, and foundations require significant investment in teams and volunteers. Many non-profits with great missions may find it difficult to sustain and grow their operations. High overheads of on ground teams and volunteers […]