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Villgro iPitch 2018 is investing Rupees 3 crores in startups that impact the lives of the poor.

Villgro Ipitch

India is the country for the opportunities, for a long time India is a developing country. There are some reasons which are making the country to be still developing they are lack of proper education, unemployment, and affordable health care to the people, corruption based on the research done. So we need solutions for the […]

The StartupIndia Telangana yatra for Tier 2/3 cities coming up on 15 September-5 October 2018.

StartupIndia Yatra

India is the country which is developing, in a faster way in all aspects mainly in the innovation sector, many are coming up with new ideas and converting them into the best startup. But many people can’t start their project because of funding, and they don’t have an exact idea how to start whom to […]

StartupsIndia Weekly Digest #1

StartupsIndia Weekly Digest #1

1.The Lyft startup which is the on-demand road transportation firm which bagged the top position, in the list released by the Linkedin for the year 2018. The main criteria for the entry into a competition the startup should be seven years old or younger, and it should have at least 50 employees. 2. Anil D […]

KrazyBee – Promoting Financial Literacy among India’s College Students.

KrazyBee Image

Today, financial literacy and money management is one area in which Indian college students significantly lack the required level of know how. This is a pressing concern, especially when the country is making significant steps towards ensuring financial inclusion for its people. If it is important to make financial services accessible to individuals and businesses […]

How a Housewife became an entreprenuer by cultivating the mushrooms.

Mushroom Founder sri lakshmi

Women are not less than any man it may be physically or mentally they are always competing with the men equally. The women in the current scenarios occupying the highest positions in the world and making their spot in the society, there are many females around the world and in India also. Even though the […]

Omitra Hyderabad Based Startup Making Rail Journey Easy And Comfortable.

Omitra Team

Traveling is the most enjoyable thing on the earth. Lakhs of people will go from one place to another place by bus, train and other modes of transportation. The long journeys will take place on the trains only, because of the comfort and facilities. The railway carries daily 23 million people approximately. Many will use […]

KrazyBee – Empowering India’s College Students and Purchasing Power.


If you were to ask anybody today about their most cherished memories in life, they would most probably tell you about the time they spent at college. For most college-going students in India, their college experience is life-changing in more ways than one. This is true because it is at the college where a student […]

Top 6 Reasons To Failure Your Startup.

Top 6 reasons to failure your startup

There is one line that say’s “failure is the key to success” which hangs on the walls of every entrepreneur cabin, to motivate and encourage themselves to work harder for their dream company. For every entrepreneur, failure is considered to be a great lesson. No one starts a Startup to face the failure Everyone wants […]

Helping Professionals & Organizations to adapt Lean Six Sigma to their DNA

Xergy startup story

It’s a start-up era, where creative thinkers are coming together to bring out a new product or offer a new service. Statistics suggest that 9/10 start-ups fail in the very first year and even existing businesses wrap up over a period of time. Lack of profitability is the principal reason for existing businesses to pull […]


Goodwork cowork

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur but becoming the entrepreneur is not that much easy, but to succeed is the most strenuous part. Many will have the idea of starting the start-up, but they will not have complete resources even though if they have resources the main problem is finding the mentor to give the […]