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Top 10 Startup Stories in 2018 By Startupsindia.

Top Startups in 2018 by startupsindia

We at presenting you the most read startup stories by our users in 2018. Startupsindia is started in 2018 with goal of createting complete platform for startups that includes story publishing, social network. is started by Raghava and later his friend jadi joined with him as content writer ,now he is a chief editor […]

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy With EarthFood.

Siddharth Khinvasara Founder of EarthFood

Startup Name: EarthFood. Start Year: 2016 Founders: Nilesh Palresha, Siddharth Khinvasara. Website  Please brief about you and your co-founders? Nilesh Palresha I am Mr. Nilesh Palresha, Founder of EarthFood.and Executive Director of VTP Group, a business conglomerate, operating for three decades and I am renowned in the construction industry. I completed my graduation from Vishwakarma Institute […]

Today is hard, Tomorrow is worse, But the day after will be sunshine Say’s Biggies Burger Founder.

Biggies Burger Team

Startup Name: Biggies Burger. Founder Name: Biraja Prasad Rout Started year: 2011 Website Hi, can you give a brief about yourself? I am Biraja Rout from Odisha and have founded Biggies Burger ‘n’ More in 2011. I have a background in IT automation and have always focused on SOPs & reduced human intervention. What are the […]

Pink Guava Consulting Services Writing Customer Success stories.

Pink Guava Founders

Startup Name : Pink Guava Consulting Services Start year : 2017 Founders : Dr. Amrinder Kaur ; Mrs. Rinku Bhardwaj Location : Delhi/NCR Website About Pink Guava Consulting Services founders. Dr.AmrinderKaur Amrinder is having more than 12 years of experience in diverse academic and corporate profiles. She is a researcher with analytics and insights as her […]

Case In Point helps budding entrepreneurs to understand the problems that a real time startup faces.


Early stage startup accelerator Espark-Viridian has launched Case In Point 2018 to inculcate the spark of entrepreneurship within our country. Case In Point 2018 is in the second year of the flagship case study solving competition organised by Espark-Viridian. Case In Point helps budding entrepreneurs to understand the problems that a real time startup faces. […]

Bread Jam, as amazing as this name sounds, same is the work carried out by Bread Jam Productions.

Bread jam productions

Bread Jam Productions started out in 2012 with a vision of providing a much-desired stage to various artists who were looking up for an opportunity. With a dream of becoming the biggest production house, it ceased all the opportunity that came along its way and created a name for itself amongst the industry. Karan Sejwal, […]

FuGen is bringing an exclusive educational ecosystem the country which talks and teaches only “ Moral&values education” to children.


Startup Name: Fugen. Founder Name: Manish Goel Website Fugen is a revolutionary initiative with an exclusive aim and vision to create happy, responsible, loving and peaceful humans by providing moral and value education to children at very young age, improving mental and emotional health through guidance and training programs and enhancing capability by providing various soft […]

Fitness technology startup Goqii raised $30 Million by Series B funding.


Goqii fitness technology startup raised $30 Million in Series B round funding it is lead by Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co. In the round, some others companies Denlow Investment Trust and Galaxy Digital participated. The startup is planning to expand its operations to Japan from next year with the help of Mitsui & Co. It […]

Startupsindia Weekly Digest #7.

Startupsindia weekly digest startup raised $29.5 Million through Series A funding. The investors involved in series A funding are Lakestar, Jungle Ventures, and Softbank’s DeepCore. The startup started in the year 2012 by Sachin Duggal, Saurabh Dhoot. The main aim of the startup is to provide software accessible to everyone. Bangalore based Fintech startup Signzy raised $ […]

After 2 suicides attempts, I learned how to be happy and joyful as I am today.Say’s Travelontip founder.


Startup Name: TravelonTip Industry: Travelling & Tourism. Founder: Shahwar Hasan.  Hi, can you give a brief about yourself? Hello Buddy, I am Shahwar Hasan, and people call me Haasan. I also set a new world record by making the Largest Cultural Trip to promote unity in Diversity. More than 1700 people from 10 different countries […]